About Me

I’m an amateur historian. I’ve loved history ever since I was a little girl and my Gran used show me old photos. Since then I’ve studied the Victorian period and spent 15 years looking up my family tree. I love Roman-British history, the Medieval and Georgian periods. Occasionally I drift into Egyptology. I’ve now progressed to a blog, A Housewife’s Work, in which I write about the history of the housewife. No mean feat, but it will be the discovery of the lives of some of the most unwritten, but important women, in history – Mrs Beeton look out.

Sleeping on the Edge of Sleep is my personal blog. The title is based on a symptom of my health conditions. You can read about it here. I no longer work as I have been diagnosed with moderate ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia.

My hobbies include writing (I’m a published poet) and photography (which I’m learning more about). I’m currently working on my cooking skills, which needs a lot of work, and knitting.

Charlotte Clark


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