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My Latest Venture Unveiled

HLfacebookheaderSo, since my last post, in which I revealed the situation which the government’s brilliant idea of reducing my disability benefits has left me, I’ve been trying to think of a way to increase my income without using too much energy and which I can work on as and when I can. (Takes breath after that long sentence.) You see, I can’t look for work because I’m not employable. No employer would want someone who cannot give the physical and mental energy needed. This really limits my choices by quite a lot. I have tried different hobbies over the last few years, but each has left me so exhausted so easily, that I’ve given up trying. So to expect an employer to be happy with the very little I can give would be ridiculous.

It’s for sometime that I’ve been trying to think of a way to add to the coffers. Ideas have come and gone (and I’m usually really good for ideas) but nothing has stuck that could be considered a long term solution. If you read my blog, and I assume you do as your reading this post, then you’ll know that for a while I’ve been experimenting with herbs. Part of it was for a hobby idea I’ve been interested in for a while, the other part was to see what could be used to help my health problems. To cut a long story short, to further my interest, I began looking for herb workshops and similar locally. But it really does take a lot of Googling to find herb events and suchlike. Most workshops and courses are provided by herbalists, and their advertising always seem to be rather low key. This is when I had the best idea I’ve had since… I can’t remember when. So my latest venture is this – an online directory where herbal courses and events can be advertised and where people can search for what is on in their local area, or further afield. This isn’t too difficult for me, as I used to work for an ICT company, and also have a fair amount of confidence where websites are concerned; I have created a couple in the past. Also I have some experience in marketing, so some key skills for this directory. To be quite honest, I haven’t felt this confident or excited about a project for some years.

So I can tell you it’s up and running. I’ve named my directory Herbal Learning and it will cover courses and events in the UK – although I will expand to include all of Ireland if there’s enough interest. It’s very early days yet, but I’m certain this can work. You can also follow Herbal Learning on Twitter and Facebook. Please take a look, and if you think it’s a good idea, or you know someone it would interest, please spread the word.