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World War Two Knitting – Ladies Daywear

World War Two has always been a fascinating time in our modern history. We fought, not just on the front line but in the home front too. This included how we dressed. Clothes rationing began 1st June 1941, and so material was at a premium. The government sought to make it go round, but with good quality clothing. Clothes became more streamlined, with fitted sleeves, and minimum tucks, and no excessive frills and furbelows. The clothing coupons decreased as the war progressed, so mend and make do was the order of the day. One way was to unravel old jumpers and cardigans and reuse the yarn. So knitting up something new was commonplace.

The following images are from knitting patterns in my shop from 1940-1945. They show the creativity in the designs with patterns and stitches to keep garments from looking dull and uninteresting. I’ve put these knitting patterns into chronological order, so you can see the development of the fashion of the day.

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One thought on “World War Two Knitting – Ladies Daywear

  1. I’m struck by two thoughts 1)I can’t believe these outfits are all knitted. 2) I’d probably wear close to half of these top . slightly worried this says more about my taste in clothes than the cyclical nature of fashion. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

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