CFS/ME & Fibro

A Way To Help Spoonies Share Their Blogs?

I’ve recently being using blog share hash-tags on Twitter to try and increase traffic to my two websites, Sleeping on the Edge of Sleep and A Housewife’s Work. It seems a really great idea to get a new and/or increased audience, particularly if you have something important, useful or interesting to say – and I believe that all spoonies fit into that category. So what better way than to create a day for a spoonie blog share. All blog content would have to be about chronic illness – no off-topics. Not only would it help spoonies connect with other spoonies, but also with the up-coming yearly event of ME Awareness Week (for one) it would help with those looking for understanding and reassurance about their condition.

What do you think? If enough people like the idea, then I can start making plans for it. It would be one day each week, and you would be able to do it as, and when, you have a new blog post to share. Please vote below and share this blog with other spoonies.