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I Actually Managed To Get Out!

So, I managed to get out on Saturday. I thought that it had been about nine months since I last went out. Turns out it was the 8th June, when I went to a farm for Open Farm Sunday. That was a lovely hot day.

Mum and Dad at Open Farm Sunday - 8th June 2014
Mum and Dad at Open Farm Sunday – 8th June 2014

My Dad used to work on farms, so he enjoyed it tremendously. Anyway, I digress.

It was a lovely sunny morning on Saturday, and I felt quite bright in myself, so I thought that after my groceries had been delivered I would go and visit family. My groceries were due between 2-3 PM, but the delivery man called and asked if he could deliver early. So that arrived just after 11 AM. Having that extra time on my hands was the spur to get ready and go out. I hadn’t worn outdoor clothes for over six months, so I wondered if I would be okay, as getting dressed can be very exhausting. It can also be painful wearing inflexible clothes like jeans. I also wondered if I would be able to get into my jeans. You don’t really notice if you’ve put on weight when wearing comfy clothes like pyjamas. But surprisingly they did up easy and there was a gap at the waistband. I’ve lost a little weight! I think I know how I’ve done it, basically by reducing calories, but I really thought the fat would be hanging on for dear life. Getting dressed wasn’t too bad, so off I went in my car (which started first time – phew!).

First I went to see my niece and her boys. They’re lovely lads between the ages of 9 years and 7 months. Christopher is the youngest and I hadn’t met him before, so that was a real treat. Then I went to see my sister and then my Mum and Dad. It’s all very well using Skype, but it’s so much better talking face-to-face, especially the hugs.

Christopher a few months ago

So, all-in-all, a busy but wonderful day. I’m now paying for it with pain and fatigue, but it’s worth the payback.