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Pyjamas of the Month: December

Okay. So I decided, as a chronic illness sufferer, that what was needed was a monthly edit about nightwear. After all, it’s the spoonie uniform. It’s one thing to be in your pj’s all day, but another to wear something that makes you feel that it’s okay to lounge in the most comfortable clothes you have, because they look good. So every month (I hope) I will be rounding up the best in bed-wear. Let me know in the comments below what you wear and where you get your nightwear from. I think that summarises that, only to add that the edit will be for ladies, all clothes are from UK companies and without a onesie in sight (I’ve never understood the appeal).

So here’s this months round-up.

I love buying my night clothes from La Redoute. I love classic French style, and this is the place to find it. These burgundy red pyjamas j’adore.

Odaia: Short-sleeved tunic pyjamas – £27.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s collection at Marks & Spencer always manages to appeal with its luxurious fabrics and French-style detail, which is her inspiration.

Rosie for Autograph: 3/4 length sleeve top – £14; bottoms – £19.50

Feel like Audrey Hepburn in these supple leather slippers. If you’re unsteady on your feet, they may not be suitable as they don’t have a rubber sole.

John Lewis: leather ballerina slippers – £45

No need to compromise style for comfort with these pure wool lined slippers. With elastic inserts and rubber sole, these offer support as well as warmth.

La Redoute: wool lined slippers – £24



2 thoughts on “Pyjamas of the Month: December

  1. Oh my goodness, these look so comfortable and cute! I never understood the whole onesie thing either. Unfortunately I find seams and wrinkled fabric can cause me pain, so sleeping in PJs is not the best idea. For lounging around the house I love a loose tank top, leggings, a big sweater, and hand-knit socks. It’s not quite as cute as these are but it sure is comfy.

  2. These are very nice looking. I agree this spoonies outfit’s are pj’s, sweats and t-shirts, night gowns, and slippers. I will have to take a look at this store as I love what I see thank you for the great post!

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