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Preparing For The Cold Weather

Even though the weather has remained pretty mild so far, we are now in Autumn. Now is a good time to start looking to cold weather and Winter preparations in the home. Whether you live out in the country, or in a flat (like me) there’s always something that can be done to make a warmer, more economically efficient home. Here are a few ideas.

  • Check the Winter wardrobes to see who needs what in the way of coats, jumpers, boots, slippers, thick socks, etc.
  • Repair clothes, including boots.
  • Ensure there is enough cold, flu and cough remedies.
  • If needed, get a flu jab. If you’re not eligible for one from your doctor’s surgery, then check your local pharmacy to see if they do it. Some supermarkets also offer the service. I’ve had mine done at Sainsbury’s. There is a charge for this, but it shouldn’t be much. My last charge was £8.
  • Change curtains for thick, heavy ones for windows and doors – or add curtain liners instead.
  • Add foil to the back of your radiators to reflect heat back into your room. You can buy ones which hang from the radiator brackets.
  • Get your sewing machine out for any last minute soft-furnishing repairs, or jobs. You can make your own draught excluder.
Make your own draught excluder. Photo credit: Sally Cameron Griffiths.
  • Ensure a stock of candles, matches, batteries etc. Don’t forget to keep a torch in an easy place to locate – scrabbling around in the dark is no fun.
  • Make space in a kitchen cupboard for dried and tinned foods.
  • Make sure your car has de-icer, scraper, jump leads, blanket, shovel etc. And keep a can of de-icer in the home, too.

So there’s my basic list. There are more ideas here for Winter property maintenance and ways to keep the energy bills low.

So, what do you do to prepare for Winter? Let me know in the comments below.



One thought on “Preparing For The Cold Weather

  1. Never too early to start preparing for the cold. It may still be warm right now but none of us want too be caught unprepared. Thanks for the reminders Charlotte. Looking after the car is what I would need to make more preparations for. Screen washer filled up and as you say, plenty of de-icer is a must for me, along with all the other suggestions as cold weather is due for the end of the week . Brrrh!

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