A Little Bit of History

Using and Cleaning the Kitchen Range

A Housewife's Work

Continuing my Mum’s recollections of how life used to be for her, here are her thoughts on cleaning in the kitchen.

In the summer of my 5th year we moved from a small bungalow where we lived in Peel Common, just outside Fareham, Hampshire. It was very exciting because we moved by horse and cart. It was a huge shire horse and an open cart belonging to people who had befriended my Dad and Mum. The owner wanted to place me on the horse to have a ride but I recoiled from this huge animal. So, life started for us at 21 Beaconsfield Rd, Fareham.

Beaconsfield Road, Fareham Beaconsfield Road, Fareham

It was huge after the small bungalow. No more bathing in the tin bath in front of the fire; Mum washing us and Dad drying us and helping us into our nightclothes. Instead, we now had a bathroom upstairs with a washbasin…

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