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Washing Laundry the Hard Way in the 1950s

A Housewife's Work

My Mum has superbly accepted my challenge to remember her life and how very different it is for modern day housewifes. My parents married in 1950, and their first home was a little thatched cottage – a tied home – with no electricity and an old Victorian range. Here she gives an insight to how the laundry was done.

Their first home in Herriad, Hampshire Their first home in Herriad, Hampshire

Washing was done in an outhouse, summer and winter in a boiler. The boiler had to be emptied by hand when it was cold from the last lot of washing. It needed to be filled with cold water. Then a fire had to be lit underneath it with paper and kindling wood. Then when the wood had ignited the fire was fed with small lumps of coal. When the water was hot, all white stuff was put in to boil. The soap was either Carbolic…

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