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Collecting Inspiring Magazine Ideas

Many years ago, I used to like buying home magazines. Not necessarily for the articles, but for the photos for inspiration. I’m a very visual person, so I love anything that inspires: colour, pattern, design and décor. Those magazines were never kept in one piece though. I’d carefully tear out the pages and/or images I loved the most and stored them in a ring binder. Sadly, that went a long time ago. But recently I’ve been doing something similar.

There are so many great magazines out now, that not only inspire but have fantastic tutorials as well. I’ve had to use my will-power to keep magazine subscriptions to a minimum – so I have three (at least I think it’s three). I love Pinterest of course. The amount you can find on there for tutorials, ideas and inspiration is phenomenal. I have had to control my addiction there. But despite the internet garnering such wonderful websites, I’m still a paper and pen girl. So now I’m collecting magazine items and keeping them in a lever arch file. This time these items aren’t just for inspiration, but tutorials on how to make things for the home.

DSC_0001 (2)
My home tutorial file

As I used to be a very organised PA, I’m organising my folder into sections – curtains, soft furnishings, upcycle and mends etc – so I’ll be able (I hope) to locate what I want. I never like throwing away anything that might be useful, so I think I’ll be keeping this folder for a long time yet.