CFS/ME & Fibro

What Would We Do Without It!

I’m not one for up-to-date gadgets and gizmo’s. My mobile is about eight years old, I don’t have a games station (or whatever they’re called), nor an iPad or e-reader. I’m quite happy with a laptop, TV, DVD player and a digital camera. But I think the one thing that has become my greatest asset is the internet. Being now housebound I rely on it more than ever. It’s not just my contact with the outside world, but how I shop, bank and pay bills.

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My main port of contact is, of course, email – but Skype has become a good way of contacting family. I use their video call to talk to family, and it’s free. Their are forums of course. My preferred forum is on Money Saving Expert. There’s great advice on many financial matters. Also there is the section where people put competitions that they found.

Then there are the social networking sites. Twitter is the one I prefer using, although I have a Facebook account to contact family with. Pinterest is another, although it’s less about contacting people and more about collecting ideas and getting new interests. Warning: Pinterest can be addictive, but fun. I don’t use many social networking sites as I would end up rather confused at the amount of sites I would need to check everyday. That would leave me brain-fogged, so I try and keep it simple. I even do a daily codeword or some logic puzzles.

It’s most positive aspect for me is that I can do my grocery shopping (and it gets delivered), shopping in general, I can pay bills and check my bank account. I protect my shopping and bank sites using Rapport, so I keep all my details as protected as possible. If you find that staring at a computer screen in the evening is causing you problems, then I recommend f.lux. It’s a free program that changes the brightness on your screen from daylight to evening. I find it’s less stress on my eyes as I have a light sensitivity.

But with all these accounts comes remembering user names and passwords. So I keep a notebook of these in case my ME/CFS and Fibro brain decides not to remember. I never keep them on my laptop just in case of viruses and malware attacks.

Let me know how the internet helps you, either in everyday life or in general. What’s been helpful for you?