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When Did It Start?

Although I was diagnosed with ME/CFS nearly two years ago, now I have more knowledge about it, it makes me wonder if I’ve always had ME. My Mum thinks so too. She sent me this email the other day:

I often wonder how much the doctors could have helped you when you were little. How so often I went to Dr X about your health even though you were having vitamin tablets in the hope it would strengthen you, but without success. He accused me of being “overprotective” of you as you were the one I had later in life. This annoyed me considerably because I needed practical help for you and not his assumption about me as a mother who had years of experience behind her. That is why I asked him to make an appointment where I could get a second opinion about you from a paediatrician. I expect you remember me telling you that I had to ask him three times because I never seemed to get an appointment through for you. The outcome was that we did see the paediatrician, and he and the nurse we saw before you went in to see him who both said that an appointment was never made for you till the last one. That was over a period of three months.  I feel that Dr X has a lot to answer for about you.

Yep, that's me.
Yep, that’s me.

I remember as a child that I didn’t have the energy that other children had. I couldn’t keep up, and it made me feel very much outside of just about everything. School was a problem as I couldn’t keep up with school work because of so much time taken off being ill. Catching up always seem to lead to a crash and burn. After I left school and started working, I gradually seemed to be able to get a grip on it. Part-time work turned to full-time work – even though I needed to rest at the weekend. I even went to night-school. I was even able to fulfil a few ambitions like travelling to Egypt and flying an aeroplane. And then I got my first office job, which I was far more suited to than shop work, and worked there for 14 ½ years until my diagnosis. I started at the bottom as an Office Assistant and worked up to being a Project Manager – eventually having my own department. I feel very fortunate that I’ve been able to live a relatively normal life before becoming as housebound as I am now.


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  1. A lovely and accurate write-up Charlotte. Mothers always know instinctively when things are not going well for their children. Doctors need to listen more closely to what is actually being said to them.

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